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Greg Black Mouthpieces is missing an $11,000 shipment from UPS.

MOUNT HOLLY, NC (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — A missing package from UPS has left a Gaston County business stuck in a standstill. This package is worth more than a pretty penny.

“No matter what small business it is, no small business can take a hit on losing a product,” said Greg Black, owner of Greg Black Mouthpieces in downtown Mount Holly.

Earlier this month, a package of 35-40 mouthpieces didn't make it to his Central Avenue shop.

“Shipped by UPS, and now they can't find the package,” he said, “so it's $11,000 valued worth of mouthpieces that has gone missing.”

'Customer interest'

For decades, Black has established himself as one of the best in the business, and his line of work is extremely unique.

“I make mouthpieces for musical instruments,” he said. “Trumpets, trombones, French horns. All the brass instruments and working with some really interesting clients.”

Black says he's worked with Rashawn Ross, trumpeter for Dave Matthews Band; musicians who play with “Sesame Street;” and more.

The businessman takes his handcrafted, silver-plated mouthpieces from trade show to trade show across the US

“First, we pride ourselves on quality consistency, which a lot of people demand,” he said. “At that level, people can notice any small nuance within the mouthpiece.”

Sometimes, he drives to the shows, but other times, they have to ship the brass.

For missing $1,000 shipment, tracking information shows it was delivered in Charlotte, not Mount Holly, but even then, Black says reps have told him they can't find it.

Greg Black takes his silver-plated mouthpieces from trade show to trade show across the US

“Recently, they told us it was at the Amazon facility over on Dowd Road,” Black said. “We've been there three times, with no luck.”

In the meantime, Black and his team have been working overtime to get new pieces made for future trade shows. Not to mention, the clients they still have to service. Fortunately, the package was insured, but the old adage “time is money” still rings true.

“Yeah, the money would be great,” he said. “We'd rather have the product.”

Queen City News has reached out to UPS for more information. They have escalated Black's inquiry to their customer service team and are looking further into his case. Black says UPS has called him and will have an answer for him by next Wednesday.

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