A family concerned about the disappearance of a teenager

EYWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU) — The search for a teenager who has been missing for several days already.

Her family is worried and worried about her health after telling 28/22 News the missing girl suffered from a chronic autoimmune disease.

Hurry up. The worry and concern has really shown up for Bella Walton's family.

Walton, of Luzerne County, has been missing for several days now and her family says she has Type 1 diabetes.

“It’s very important that people take the danger she’s in seriously,” said Catherine Schmeer Bella’s grandmother.

Catherine Schmeer says her granddaughter, Bella Walton, 15, of Forty Fort, Luzerne County, has been missing for six days and she believes her life is in danger.

“I lost track of the days. I did not sleep. I ran all over Pennsylvania,” Erik Perini Bella’s uncle said.

Bella is type 1 diabetic and insulin dependent.

As far as they know, the family says Bella has been off her medication for days.

“It’s hot, it’s 100 degrees every day. If she’s walking outside and she’s also borderline asthmatic,” the whole family said as they talked.

According to the family, Bella disappeared on the night of June 15, Saturday around 1:00 a.m., with a teenager.

We are not revealing his identity at this time.

The family says the two men were discovered by police earlier Sunday morning around 9 a.m. in Hellertown, North Hampton County, where the boy is believed to live.

Bella's family believes the two knew each other from a school in Hellertown that Bella attended.

The Hellertown Police Department released a statement Thursday saying the boy had been found safe, but Bella was still missing and in danger.

“The fact that he was found safe and not my daughter is extremely alarming for us,” added Karlie Schmeet Bella's mother.

Bella is 5'2, weighs 118 pounds, of average build, has long brown hair and blue eyes, and was last seen wearing a black hoodie and cut-off blue jean shorts.

“She loves art, animals, she was part of the choir. She volunteers with my mother to feed the homeless. She has a very big heart,” Schmeer continued.

“I just hope I can hear his voice in person again. Come home,” Schmeer said.

“We love you,” Perini said.

2822 News contacted several police agencies handling the missing girl's case and the case of the boy found by police.

The Hellertown Police Department tells us Bella's case is being handled by Forty Fort.

We left a message with the Forty Fort Police Department and have not yet received a response.

This is a developing story. 28/22 News will continue to bring you the latest updates as they become available.

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