Alleged Langley human trafficker faces 16 charges

A Langley woman accused of human trafficking appeared in New Westminster Supreme Court on June 13, but her trial is not expected until next year.

Jennifer Lynn Stephens made a pretrial appearance and is scheduled to return Dec. 10 for a pretrial conference. The trial itself is currently scheduled to begin on February 3, 2025 and could continue until March 17.

Stephens was arrested following an investigation by Langley RCMP which led to trafficking and assault charges.

The charges she faces are:

• human trafficking

• traffic for material benefit

• receiving sexual services, two counts

• obtain

• sequestration

• assault causing bodily harm, two counts

• assault with a weapon, three counts

• make threats

• trafficking of a person under 18 years old

• trafficking of a person under 18 for material advantage

• the recruitment of a person under 18 years old

• advertise sexual services

The investigation leading to the charges began on March 7, 2023, with a 911 call originating from a gas station near a motel in the 20400 block of 88th Avenue. A female officer described as injured and in distress came in and asked for someone to call the police.

Stephens was charged with assault following the police investigation into the incident.

However, she missed a court date in July and the judge issued a warrant for her arrest. While searching for her, Langley RCMP continued an investigation that expanded to include Surrey RCMP, the Vancouver Police Department's Human Trafficking Unit, the Vancouver Police Department's Behavioral Sciences Unit E of the RCMP, a digital forensics unit and the Special Forces Joint Investigation Team interview team.

When Stephens was arrested in the Lower Mainland by Langley serious crimes investigators in December, more charges, totaling 14 at the time, were laid against her.

People accused of a crime are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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