Amazon employee beats up would-be car thief who allegedly attacked co-worker

An Amazon delivery driver was filmed beating an alleged car thief who punched his colleague in the face and tried to flee in his van.

The wild scenes began in the middle of a busy New York street when the suspected criminal suddenly attacked the Amazon driver while she was stuck in traffic last weekend.

The man, dressed in black, allegedly hit the employee several times, then dragged her out of the van.

The wild scenes involving two Amazon workers began in the middle of a busy New York street last weekend.
The suspect first punched the Amazon worker twice.

Her colleague quickly rushed to defend her – delivering several blows to the would-be van thief himself, the footage shows.

He was filmed hitting the suspect several times in the middle of the road until the female driver intervened to separate the two men.

When the two men finally stopped fighting, the alleged criminal then brazenly jumped into the Amazon van in an apparent attempt to drive off with the vehicle.

The alleged criminal, dressed in black, attempted to steal the Amazon workers' van.
The workers pulled the suspect out of the van.

The two Amazon workers could then be seen trying to get the man out, the video shows.

The would-be car thief, whose identity was not immediately known, was eventually arrested on charges of theft and assault.

Amazon, for its part, said it was investigating the violent ordeal.

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