Amber Portwood reportedly hasn't spoken to her formerly missing fiancé Gary Wayt since Gary was found; 'Teen Mom' Ghost Star Is 'Still in Disbelief' – Ashley's Reality Summary

“There’s always room on my S**t list for one more Gary!”

It's been almost a week since Amber Portwoodfiance, Gary Waytwas found after being listed as a missing person in North Carolina, according to a new report from The sunAmber has yet to contact her runaway fiancé because she was shocked and hurt by Gary publicly ghosting her.

As The Ashley We previously told you, Gary – who recently proposed to Amber – was listed as a missing person by the Bryson City Police Department in North Carolina on June 10, after leaving the vacation rental where he and Amber were staying for the weekend, and didn't make it. I don't contact anyone. After Gary contacted law enforcement on June 14 to confirm he was OK, the search was called off.

Whether or not it's Amber and Gary engagement was canceled is unknown, but a source confirmed to The Ashley that Amber and Gary haven't spoken since Gary resurfaced, thousands of miles from where he resided with Amber.

Before Gary resurfaced, Amber opened up about her fiancé's disappearance, begging fans to pray for Gary and insisting the two have a “beautiful relationship.”

However, since learning that Gary essentially ghosted her, Amber has gone radio silent.

Amber and Gary, pre-ghosting across the country…

“Amber has not spoken to [Gary] and she doesn't reach out to him,” a source said. The sun. “She hasn't really contacted anyone since he was found.

“She's pretty hurt by the whole situation and still in disbelief,” the source added.

Us every week reported last week that Amber's “Teen Mom” ​​co-star Maci Reservation had traveled to North Carolina to comfort Amber during her difficult times. After Gary was found alive, Amber left North Carolina and was able to return home from Maci last Thursday. (Amber and Gary had traveled set from Indiana to Amber's brother Shawn's marriage in North Carolina. When Gary left North Carolina, Amber was stranded there without a car.)

Amber discusses how all her relationships with random guys end…

“Maci was kind enough to drive [Amber] “It’s Indiana’s house,” a source told the magazine.

The sun also revealed that Amber has yet to collect the ring she bought for Gary as an “engagement ring” on June 9. It's unclear if Amber wants Gary's ring back, or if she returned the engagement ring he gave her. .

According to The sunAccording to Amber's source, Gary and Amber are not officially separated, as they haven't spoken since Gary became a “runaway bride.”

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