Baton Rouge teen charged with $50,000 vandalism at River Center | Crime/Police

A teenager is wanted for allegedly causing more than $50,000 in damage to the Raising Canes River Center in Baton Rouge.

According to an affidavit, Javin Thomas, 17, is suspected of entering the River Center with two others around 2 a.m. Tuesday.

In security footage, the trio can be seen wearing full face masks and damaging property, the affidavit states. A woman is seen throwing a brick through the lower level door to enter the building, and the three suspects are shown gathering fire extinguishers and spraying them in the hallways.

In security footage from the second floor, the suspects can be seen throwing empty fire extinguishers at six 80-inch television screens worth about $5,000 each, the affidavit states. Several beverage machines and vending machines located in the arena area also suffered significant damage.

After hearing the suspects on the second floor, security officers began investigating and all three suspects fled the area, the affidavit states. K-9 officers searched the area but were unable to locate them.

The suspects reportedly remained inside the property for approximately 45 minutes before fleeing.

None of the suspects were wearing gloves, detectives noted. Latent prints were collected from the scene and sent to the Louisiana State Police crime lab for analysis.

A verified fingerprint match was made to Thomas's, the affidavit states. Thomas is wanted for simple burglary and simple criminal damage to property over $50,000.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Thomas or the identities of the other two suspects is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 344-STOP.

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