Denton man arrested, accused of brandishing gun during road rage incident

A Denton man was arrested last week for disorderly conduct after he allegedly visibly displayed his gun while following another vehicle.

Around 6:20 p.m. on June 21, a man called 911 and said another vehicle was following him after a road rage incident. The caller was exiting Interstate 35W and attempted to turn left onto Robson Ranch Road when there was a right-of-way confusion at an intersection that nearly resulted in a crash between Ellsworth and the caller, police said of Denton.

After the avoided collision, the second driver, later identified as 78-year-old Alfred Ellsworth, began following the caller.

The caller said he stopped and got out of his vehicle to talk to Ellsworth when he was nearly hit by Ellsworth's vehicle and saw the gun clearly visible on Ellsworth's center console . The caller told police that Ellsworth said he was not afraid to use the gun if he had to, at which point the caller got back into his car and Ellsworth continued to follow him, leading him to call 911 and go to a police station.

Ellsworth told police he continued to follow the caller because he wanted police to take action regarding the potential accident. Police said they were not contacted by Ellsworth to intervene.

Ellsworth's bail was $2,500, which he posted.

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