Diddy Could Be Indicted 'Very Soon,' Lawyer for Alleged Sex Trafficking Victim Says

It's no secret that Diddy is currently in a tough spot when it comes to his reputation. Now it looks like authorities are preparing to finally bring him to book for his alleged crimes. TMZ I recently spoke with Ariel Mitchell-Kidd, the attorney representing former adult film star Adria English. Last month, English filed a lawsuit against the mogul for alleged sexual assault, human trafficking and other charges.

Mitchell-Kidd speculates that Diddy could be indicted sooner than expected. While it is unconfirmed at the time of writing, she seems confident that it could happen “very soon.” Those interested in Diddy’s legal troubles have been waiting for news of an indictment since May of this year. At the time, it was reported that a grand jury had been impaneled to hear evidence in his federal case.

Mitchell-Kidd is one of the attorneys who has recently criticized Diddy for his choice of activities in the various lawsuits he faces, and who seems outraged by his lackadaisical attitude given the devastating impact he has allegedly had on the lives of others. Recently, for example, he has been spotted going on fun excursions like whitewater rafting and even riding around in private jets. “After watching Defendant Combs go whitewater rafting and riding around in his personal plane, seemingly enjoying life despite all the atrocities he has caused and has been accused of by countless people over the decades, Ms. English is even more motivated to ensure that justice is served,” Mitchell-Kidd said of his escapades.

Cassie's attorney, Douglas Wigdor, was equally skeptical of the Bad Boy Records founder's behavior. “I don't think whitewater rafting is going to prepare him for the rough waters that lie ahead,” he said. What do you think about attorney Ariel Mitchell-Kidd speculating that Diddy could be indicted “very soon”? What about the latest trial accusing him of sexual assault and more? Share your thoughts in the comments section below and keep an eye out for more HNHH for more updates.

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