Elden Ring DLC: Shadow of The Erdtree's best first weapons

Blacksmith's Dagger

The Smithscript dagger is a fascinating first weapon. It's light, fast, and one of the few weapons in the game that scales with all four stats of your primary weapon. By itself, it is not the most powerful option in a particular category. However, it is a particularly versatile weapon that can easily be used by those looking for an additional melee attack or anyone trying to explore a more balanced build strategy.

The Smithscript Dagger can also be found in the area south of Ensis Castle. Once you cross the large bridge that leads to the Ensis Castle bridge (near where you found the Perfume Bottles), hang a right and continue until you reach a nearby cliff. You should find the entrance to a dungeon called Ruined Forge Lava Intake. Proceed through the dungeon along the main path until you find yourself on the catwalk above a large open room. Go down to the nearby stairwell and follow the path up. Jump over a small gap, turn right, go down a ladder and move forward until you find a body guarded by enemies. This body contains the Smithscript Dagger.

Anvil hammer

The Anvil Hammer is one of these first Shadow of the Erdtree weapons that will likely prove to be an instant upgrade for many players. It scales with Strength, Dexterity, Faith, and Intelligence (a rarity in this game), but it functions primarily as a slow, devastating colossal hammer. Most importantly, his weapon skill is a devastating area attack that unleashes magic spears all around you. This combination of power, scalable distribution, and AoE capabilities makes it a truly unique weapon in the world. Ancient Ring arsenal.

You can find this weapon in the Ruined Forge Lava Intake dungeon where you found the dagger. Proceed through this dungeon until you reach the room containing a mechanism triggered by a nearby lever. Use the lever and it should create a platform in the lava below. Jump onto this platform, follow the path along a nearby pipe, defeat anyone who gets in your way, and you'll eventually come across this weapon lying on the ground.

Dragon Slayer's Great Katana

This Katana is really awesome. Like other Great Katanas you can find early, it offers a good mix of range, power, and speed while dealing bleeding damage. Unlike that Katanta, this one comes equipped with an incredible weapon skill that lets you charge up with magic, jump into the air, and deal a powerful strike to anything in your way. This extra ability gives this weapon an advantage if you are engaged in the Great Katana playstyle.

Admittedly, calling this an ancient weapon is a bit more of a stretch than the other Great Katana. You can find it by heading east from the Ensis Castle entrance. This time, however, take the high road when you come across a fork in the road. Follow the path filled with dragon-like statues until you come across the Dragon's Pit Dungeon/Grace Site. At the end of the dungeon is the Ancient Dragon-Man boss. He's definitely tough at first, but if you come into the DLC with a good build (or have leveled up a bit), you should be able to beat him and claim this sword.

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