Former Collierville cop fired by MS department. after the loss of a weapon, this results in decertification

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A former Collierville police officer allegedly left his service weapon at a Walmart while he wasn't working, resigned the day before a disciplinary hearing, then was hired and fired by the Olivier Branch Police Department this year.

DeMario Pree appeared before the state's Police Standards and Training Committee on Thursday. He did not show up and the panel voted to decertify by default, meaning he can no longer work in law enforcement in the state of Tennessee.

WREG investigators obtained records submitted by Collierville police to the POST board, stating that on March 2 of this year, Pree was working outside of his security duties at a Walmart in Hickory Hill.

He claimed he felt sick, so he went into a bathroom, drew his service weapon and placed it on a changing table. Still ill, he told his supervisor he was leaving early.

When he got into his car about an hour later, he noticed his gun was not holstered. He returned to the restroom and searched for the gun, even searching the purse of a woman who was in the restroom and reviewing security camera footage, but did not find it.

He later told his supervisors that he had accidentally holstered his duty weapon that day, instead of his off-duty weapon.

Another officer told CPD that on March 2, just after Pree's service weapon was reported missing, he spotted Pree at a sports academy in Cordova, purchasing the same type of handgun as his weapon on duty.

CPD said this proved Pree was using his service weapon while off duty.

He resigned from the CPD on March 7, the day before he was due to appear before a disciplinary hearing.

It's unclear exactly when Pree began working for the Olivier Branch Police Department, but on Thursday after the decertification hearing, OBPD released this statement:

“As of today, Demario Pree is no longer employed by the Olivier Branch Police Department. Personnel matters are not discussed by the Olivier Branch Police Department or the City of Olivier Branch.

Last month, two former Memphis police officers resigned from their positions amid allegations of an unauthorized chase that resulted in a fatal car crash. Both were sworn in as officers by the Hernando Police Department on February 27.

They resigned from Hernando PD in May, after being charged with two counts of leaving the scene of an accident resulting in death, four counts of leaving the scene of an accident resulting in injury and official misconduct. MPD has requested that these two officers be decertified.

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