Fortnite Reload: classic weapons confirmed

Fortnite has officially confirmed the return of classic weapons and items for the new “Reload” mode, which is set to launch tomorrow.

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Confirmed via the official Fortnite YouTube thumbnail for the Reload premiere, the following weapons are expected to return with tomorrow's patch:

  • Classic assault rifle
  • Classic shotgun
  • Submachine gun
  • Gun

Fortnite significantly changed the way weapons are used when Chapter 5 launched, but don't worry: returning classics should stay true to their original versions. That means original stats, classic weapon behavior, and no modding.

Reload is set to be the biggest mid-season update Fortnite has ever seen, bringing the classic OG feel with the twist of a mini Battle Royale. The special map will feature the return of iconic locations like Tilted Towers and Retail Row, as well as new remixes like Lil' Loot Lake and Sandy Sheets.

Learn more about Fortnite Reloaded in our dedicated article.

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