Hopkins Pride focuses on community in light of alleged attack on trans high school student

There was plenty of glitter and quite a few rainbows amid a rainstorm in Hopkins on Saturday, as downtown streets were packed to celebrate the city's second annual Pride.

“We really want to bring a sense of community and a sense of belonging to the queer community at Hopkins,” said Sabrinna Berghorst, Hopkins Pride community engagement coordinator. “As you know, there was a trans student at Hopkins High School who was allegedly attacked and they're here in our community, the mother is an important member of our community, so it's even more important for us this year to just showing that everyone is safe, accepted and loved.

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Only in its second year, organizers say Hopkins Pride has already tripled in size. This year, the stalls are taking up more street space than before, as organizers say they've gone from 27 vendors to 70 this year.

Berghorst says Hopkins Pride only hopes to continue to grow in the years to come.

Worshipers also attended live performances by local DJs, drag shows and dance classes, but were also able to take some quiet, healing time. At Leah Hanson's Zen Den, crystals and Reiki readings are intended to help process the trauma of others.

“The spirit, the soul, all of the above,” Hanson said.

Others have also found healing under the Free Mom Hugs tent, a movement of love, visibility and acceptance that began in Oklahoma in 2015 and has now spread across the country. Not just for moms, since volunteer huggers are now made up of dads, uncles, grandmothers and grandfathers waiting with arms wide open for everyone.

“It sometimes happens that young people are sent away from their families. when they go out, we tell them: “Go out.” I never want to see you again. And we all want a hug from our mother sometimes. So this was a way for moms to start stepping up and saying, “Absolutely not.” you'll never be without hugs as long as I'm alive,'” one member told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS.

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