HumanCode AI sued for alleged misuse of Redrock Biometrics technology

Forgame Holdings Limited, a company listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and shareholder of Redrock Biometrics, is taking legal action against HumanCode AI. The lawsuit focuses on the misuse of Redrock's proprietary biometric technology and alleges widespread corporate misconduct.

HumanCode AI, led by Hua Yang and Zhang Dong (also known as Tim Zhang), was accused of exploiting Redrock's palmprint identification technology without authorization. HumanCode AI's actions have been described as a serious breach of trust and a violation of legal obligations.

A representative of Forgame Holdings Limited states: “The actions of HumanCode AI and its executives constitute corporate theft and deception. This misuse of Redrock's proprietary technology and violation of trust is unacceptable.

“Forgame Holdings Limited is committed to taking all necessary legal steps to protect Redrock’s intellectual property and ensure accountability for these unethical actions.”

HumanCode AI is alleged to have used Redrock's palmprint identification technology to support its own business operations without authorization. The company is also accused of misleading investors by falsely claiming ownership of Redrock's technology and customers, including companies such as NCR, Mastercard, Qualcomm, Epson and Sony Life.

It is also alleged that HumanCode AI executives, who held positions at Redrock, used their positions to benefit HumanCode AI, thereby violating their fiduciary responsibilities. Additionally, HumanCode AI is accused of creating and promoting a competing business using Redrock's technology, contrary to existing non-competition agreements.

Forgame Holdings Limited outlined its demands in a legal letter sent to HumanCode AI, with demands that include immediately ceasing the use and promotion of Redrock's proprietary technology, as well as stopping all activities involving the intellectual property of Redrock and the restitution of any misappropriated intellectual property. in Redrock.

Forgame also wants HumanCode AI to provide written confirmation of compliance within seven days. The Company is prepared to sue for breach of fiduciary duties, violation of non-competition agreements and other violations, seeking substantial damages and injunctive relief.

Elsewhere, HumanCode AI recently partnered with the TON Society to develop AI-powered palm biometrics software with the aim of improving digital identity verification methods.

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