Latest war in Ukraine: Putin makes an “absurd attempt to seduce the West”; leaders call for Olympic truce | World News

Macron denounces Russian “war crimes” | US calls Putin's peace plan 'completely absurd'

World leaders speak all day in Switzerland at a peace summit called by Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

We report on key moments from the negotiations, and this update includes comments on nuclear security, war crimes and Vladimir Putin's “absurd vision.”

Emmanuel Macron

The French leader said one of the main priorities of the negotiations should be to ensure nuclear safety around the Zaporizhizhia power plant.

Allies must also “accept no complacency in the face of attacks on civilian targets and infrastructure in Ukraine. These are war crimes,” he said.

Russia has denied all allegations of war crimes.

“What is at stake are our international rules and the possibility of having peace everywhere. Because by starting this war, Russia first decided to be an imperialist regime,” Macron said. .

“This summit is an important step in reiterating our commitment to the fundamental principles of our international laws.”

Jake Sullivan

The White House national security adviser called Russia's latest peace proposal a “completely absurd vision.”

This would only lead to further domination of the country, he said.

China's absence from the peace summit was likely due to Russia's requests not to attend, Sullivan added.

Finnish president

Finnish President Alexander Stubb called for follow-up negotiations as soon as possible because “peace is…always a process.”

“We have 1,300 kilometers of border with Russia…Russia invaded Finland during the Second World War, we lost 10% of our territory, including the land where my grandparents were born and where is born my father.”

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