Man arrested after locking himself in Suffolk elementary school bathroom with children inside – The Virginian-Pilot

SUFFOLK — A man was arrested Friday after entering an elementary school bathroom with children inside and refusing to let anyone in or out for several minutes.

The incident happened at Kilby Shores Primary School, according to Suffolk Police. The man entered the school around 11:30 a.m., went to a restroom occupied by students, then refused to let staff in, police said.

The first officers arrived two minutes after receiving the call and arrested the unarmed man six minutes after arriving, police said. No injuries were reported. The school was on lockdown during the incident, but was later lifted.

Vontrail Marquis Thorpe, 42, was charged with two counts of kidnapping, breaking and entering, drug possession on school property, trespassing and disorderly conduct. He is being held without bail at the Western Tidewater Regional Jail.

A police spokeswoman declined to say how many children were in the toilet at the time, or how the man managed to prevent staff from entering. She referred questions about how he was able to get into the building to the school system, but a spokesperson for Suffolk Public Schools could not immediately be reached.

Jane Harper, [email protected]

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