Missing woman found on MetroLink for indeterminate time

ST. LOUIS — A 67-year-old woman missing since May 1 was found safe Thursday on a MetroLink.

St. Louis Metropolitan Police said Mary Major suffered from dementia but lived independently. She received a visit from her court-appointed guardian just weeks before her disappearance.

“She took care of herself; she meets her needs, pays her bills and lives independently in the community. This is exactly what the Department of Justice wants,” said St. Louis County Public Administrator Timothy Weaks.

Weaks is Major's court-appointed legal guardian, and he said Major was last seen at her apartment near Compton and Franklin.

“She ran away, left her apartment because of construction and disappeared. His cell phone died for a few weeks; no one could find her,” Weaks said.

Until someone recognized Major's photo.

“One of our security officers on our call had mentioned that she saw a silver alert,” said Kevin Scott, executive director of Security Bi-State Development.

Scott reported that they found Major on a subway train a few hours later. They have no idea where she's been or how long she's been taking the train.

“She was very cooperative with us. They were able to take her to our downtown civic center, where they were met by the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, who took her home safely,” Scott said.

Both Scott and Weaks agree that partnering with the police department is a big help in getting Major home safely.

“Thankfully, thanks to the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, their detectives and the hard work they have done, I have been in constant communication with them over the past two weeks. They raised the alarm, they helped find Ms. Major and we were able to bring her home,” Weaks said.

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