Moment 'crossbow killer Kyle Clifford fled scene' with 3ft weapon after 'murdering' BBC star's wife and two daughters

Chilling footage has emerged showing manhunt suspect Kyle Clifford walking away from the scene of the triple murder with a three-foot crossbow.

The video shows a man carrying the “massive” object under his right arm under a sheet as he exits an alleyway leading to the property where three women were killed.

Wanted suspect Kyle Clifford is carrying an object that appears to be a 3-foot crossbow
Kyle Clifford is seen walking on the right in this footage
Footage of manhunt suspect Kyle Clifford walking towards car
Clifford is wanted by police in connection with a triple murderCredit: Hertfordshire Police
The scene in Bushey, HertfordshireCredits: Dan Hammond
Carol Hunt, 61, was one of three victims
His daughter Louise was also named as one of the victims.Credits: Facebook
Louise's sister Hannah was the third victimCredits: Facebook
Armed police hunt CliffordCredits: SWNS
They are assisted by sniffer dogs and surveillance drones.Credits: SWNS

Dressed all in black, he was also filmed carrying a bag that police fear was a cache of more of Clifford's weapons – before climbing into a black seat.

The same car was reportedly found abandoned earlier in the day, leading police to Enfield, where armed officers were searching for the suspect.

A source said: “You can clearly see from the outline of what's under the sheet that it's shaped like a crossbow – but it's massive.

“When we first heard the weapon was involved, no one thought it could be that big – you wonder where he got it from.

“The way he walks reflects a clear intention: he is moving to reach his car as quickly as he can while continuing to walk.

“He was clearly wearing a lot of equipment, but if you were on the street you would never think it was a lethal weapon.”

What we know so far…

A full-size crossbow could fire bolts accurately up to 250 feet, raising the terrifying prospect that victims might not even see their shooter before being hit.

In the clip, the man believed to be Kyle Clifford gets into the black car and waits for 18 seconds before driving off west on Bushey Grove Road.

The road is directly connected to the murder scene on Ashlyn Close by a footpath.

The black seat seen in the footage is believed to be part of the ongoing investigation.

Hertfordshire Police said: “A vehicle has been located and is being investigated.”

A spokeswoman added: “We cannot comment further at this time.”

The three women are the wife and two daughters of BBC Five Live racing commentator John Hunt, the broadcaster confirmed this afternoon.

They have been identified as John's 61-year-old wife Carol and their daughters Hannah and Louise.

John was working at Lingfield Park racecourse in Surrey yesterday before returning home in the evening to discover the horror that had apparently unfolded.

MailOnline reports that Clifford was the ex-boyfriend of one of Hunt's daughters.

Dramatic footage obtained exclusively by The Sun this afternoon shows police storming a house in search of the suspect.

Two helicopters were spotted circling the Hilly Fields area of ​​Enfield, north London, as armed police stormed a house.

An officer can be heard shouting: “Armed police, come to the door and put your hands up” as officers bombard the front of the property.

It's unclear exactly who or what police found in the house, but at least two officers remain at the scene of the raid.

A source said: “It's a really heavy reaction, and it's shocking for everyone to see it.

“They rushed in and stayed in the house for a while. It seemed like there was no one there.”

At a press conference at 12:30 p.m., Hertfordshire Police said they were still searching for the suspect.

Police confirmed Clifford, from Enfield, north London, may still be armed and urged anyone who sees him to call 999 immediately.

They also said he may have been in possession of a crossbow and may have used other weapons in the “targeted” attack.

Children at an Enfield primary school have been kept indoors as police search for the suspect in the triple murder.

Speaking directly to Clifford today, Commissioner Rob Hall said: “Kyle, if you see or hear this please contact police via 999.”

Herts Police have appealed for anyone who may have been in Ashlyn Close since lunchtime yesterday to come forward and call 101 quoting Operation Infauna.

DSI Rob Hall said: “This is an incredibly difficult incident for the victims’ family and we ask that their privacy is respected while they recover from what has happened.

“While we are still in the early stages of this investigation, we are actively searching for Kyle Clifford who we believe may be in the Hertfordshire or North London areas.

“Given the seriousness of the incident, I would ask anyone who knows his whereabouts to contact the police immediately.

“If you think you see him, do not approach him and dial 999 immediately. He may still be in possession of a weapon.”

Enfield Council said: “You will be aware of news of suspect Kyle Clifford from the Enfield area, who is wanted in connection with a triple murder in Bushey.

“The police have informed us that there is no perceived threat to the public, so the advice is to continue as usual.

“Local schools have been advised that end of school day procedures should continue as normal.

“There will be a reinforced police presence in the area and around certain schools to reassure students and parents.”

It comes after horrified neighbours reported hearing screams last night.

Francis Turner told The Sun: “My husband and I were watching a football match when we heard sirens and shouting. There were about 30 police officers outside.

“There were armed police officers. They came and knocked on our door and told us to stay inside and keep our doors closed.

“My heart goes out to them. I'm very sad for the family, my heart goes out to them.”

A neighbor, who wished to remain anonymous, said he heard screams before “at least 16 police cars” arrived at the scene.

They added: “It was between 6:30 and 7pm last night and it sounded like children, someone screaming, then it got louder and I thought, 'That's definitely a woman screaming', and within 15 minutes it was absolute chaos.

“Armed police came running, shouting ‘stay home’… they cut us off from the world and practically locked us in.”

Another local resident, Dereck Turner, who took a photo of the armed police outside, said: “It's a very quiet and peaceful area, it's close to everything, when a house is destroyed it's gone.”

Shocked neighbours said Louise ran a dog grooming business called Groom and Glow from the detached house in a cul-de-sac.

William Nourallah, a local resident, paid tribute to the “beautiful young girl.”

He said: “She was a beautiful girl. She was a really hard-working girl.

“I met the mother once or twice because she opened the door for me. I met the father

“She was happy every time I saw her. We laughed and joked. She was a beautiful young girl. It's a wasted life.”

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