Murder suspect identified in death of Scottish mother on Greek island 15 years ago

An investigation into the death of a mother on a Greek island 15 years ago is to be reopened after a new murder suspect was identified.

Jean Hanlon, 53, from Dumfries, went missing in Crete and was found dead in Heraklion harbor in March 2009.

Her three sons always believed that their mother, who had moved to the island, was murdered and since her death, they have been fighting for justice.

In January, the family hired private investigator Haris Fluskounis, who re-examined the evidence before identifying the man he suspected of being responsible. A 29-page file was handed over to Greek prosecutors.

The family's lawyer, Apostolos Xiritakis, said: “We hope that the case will be reopened in order to open investigations into the person we name as a suspect. »

Jean’s eldest son Michael, 39, said: “The person identified was someone mum knew. This is no one who has been accused before. The person was in plain sight and was arrested by police at the time.

Michael, the sons of Jean Hanlon

“Haris produced a 4,900 word report. The report clearly examines the motive, the evidence, and then the evidence and context.

“Now the matter will be resolved. We have identified the person who killed our mother and the puzzle is almost complete. The authorities have no choice but to reopen the case. You must then wait for an arrest warrant to be issued. The evidence has always been there. This should have been done back then. If that were the case, I don't think we would be here today.

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