New class of cadets fills staffing gap for Wake County Sheriff's Office

RALEIGH, North Carolina — This is a widespread problem. Law enforcement lacks agents.

And this is true at the Wake County Sheriff's Office.

However, their shortage could soon change with a record number of applicants and a recently announced salary increase. This is the largest class of its kind in nearly a decade.

In a classroom at a training center are 26 newly sworn-in Wake County Sheriff's Office deputy cadets.

It's a welcome sign for the county, which has been short of public safety officials for several years.

“Recruiting has attracted more applicants lately,” said Captain Ray. Browner.

Currently, the WCSO Nearly 40 deputies are missing, but the new cadets hope to fill this gap.

“This is the first time that we have several BLETs (basic law enforcement training) is happening at the same time,” said Browner.

Rury Gonzales is the one who will be in the classroom and gym for the next six months. We saw him take a fitness test.

“I saw that Wake County was the biggest and toughest and I like a challenge,” Gonzales said.

As a former Marine, he said he is ready to serve and protect.

“To serve the people,” Gonzales said. “It's something I love. To hold this position, you have to have the altruism to do for others.”

THE of the sheriff The office is also announcing a pay increase for those joining the force. His office will increase the pay of those who join its forces — newly sworn cadets earn $50,540, but starting Aug. 1, that will change with a 6.8 percent increase.

“This will increase to $54,000 starting August 1,” » said Bruner.

There are two basic law enforcement training classes in Wake County now. The instructor said he hadn't seen this in over a decade.

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