Palm Desert mayor cries wolf over alleged slap

Adult woman cries wolf after alleged slap from fellow council member

PALM DESERT — Karina Quintanilla, currently serving a one-year rotation, has jeopardized her credibility by crying wolf, claiming that council member Kathleen Kelly slapped her not once or twice but four times during a Housing Commission meeting on March 13.

Quintanilla, who faces re-election in November in District 1, went on to claim Kelly slapped her a second time, according to a complaint she filed the same day. Quintanilla, as of today, has one challenger: Chris Scott.

Here is a text message the city clerk sent to the city manager after learning of the alleged slap.

There is also video of the alleged slap, or lack thereof. Watch the video and judge for yourself using the link provided. See you on March 13, 2024: minutes 4:22 and 4:34. Many people looked at it and asked, “Where is the slap?”


The alleged incident occurred in mid-March, but it wasn't until early June that the election cycle began to heat up when Quintanilla began crying wolf to the media. She supports Gregg Akkerman who is challenging Kelly in District 2.

The complaint was sent to City Manager Todd Hileman, City Attorney Isra Shah and Human Resources Director Andrea Staehle. Quintanilla said she has not heard from the lawyer or the human resources director. Maybe there's a reason. The city is not investigating this allegation.

“The city does not have any internal investigation documents,” City Clerk Anthony Meija told Uken Report.

Quintanilla said she would file a police report. She does not have.

Technically Kelly is the city council's official liaison to the housing commission, Quintanilla had no reason to be there except for photo ops.

In September 2023, Quintanilla helped raise questions about Palm Desert City Council member Gina Nestande's role as a real estate agent in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and whether she broke time-sharing rules between Florida and California. A media outlet took the bait. This is not the case with the Uken report. Meijia told Uken Report at the time that Nestande was doing nothing wrong.

Another example of Quintanilla crying wolf.

The origin of this saying comes from Aesop's fable “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”. In the story, a young boy repeatedly pretended to be in danger by shouting “wolf!” When a real wolf finally appeared, no one believed him.

So what's going on? As one political insider, who asked not to be identified, said, “Quintanilla is trying to play political chess and she can't even play Tiddlywinks.” »

The real question is whether voters believe Quintanilla.

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