Police arrest two in Aurora apartment shooting teens, say gun was modified to fire like automatic weapon

DAWN | Police said two teens were arrested Thursday in connection with a shooting earlier this week at a playground at the Aurora apartment complex and are linked to the injuries of two other teens.

A gun confiscated during one of the arrests had been modified to fire like an automatic weapon, police said.

Two boys, ages 12 and 14, were shot Wednesday near a basketball court and playground at an apartment complex north of Aurora Wednesday afternoon, the police reported. police.

Police were called to 12437 E. Ford Avenue around 4 p.m. to respond to reports of a shooting.

“They located two victims, both minors,” Aurora police spokesperson Sydney Edwards said in a statement. “One is a 12-year-old boy, the other is a 14-year-old boy.”

Both boys were transported to nearby hospitals with what police described as “non-life-threatening” injuries.

Their current condition has not been released.

Police arrested an unidentified boy, 14, on three outstanding warrants on Thursday, police said. The warrants were for previous charges of assault and criminal mischief.

Another boy, aged 14, was arrested and now faces charges of illegal possession of a weapon and possession of a weapon by a minor, as well as obstructing police.

“The 15-year-old was in possession of an illegally modified handgun equipped with an automatic switch that converts a semi-automatic handgun to a fully automatic handgun,” Edwards said in a statement.

Police said investigators have not yet determined whether one of the boys fired a gun and injured the other two boys, or whether the modified gun was used in the shooting.

“Detectives have identified everyone involved in this incident and no suspects are outstanding,” Edwards said. “They will work with the District Attorney’s Office to determine appropriate charges for the remaining individuals who have not yet been arrested.”

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