Senop unveils advanced Carl-Gustaf fire control system

Senop unveiled its cutting-edge Advanced Fire Control Device Thermal Imager (AFCD TI) earlier this month.

The compact device is designed for the Carl-Gustaf M3 and M4 weapon systems, consisting of a daytime camera, a thermal camera, a laser rangefinder and a ballistic calculation.

“Carl-Gustaf is a true multi-tool on the battlefield and AFCD TI takes the system’s capability to the next level,” Senop CEO Aki Korhonen explain.

All-in-one system

According to Senop, the AFCD TI is the world's first Carl-Gustaf smart sight to perform both ballistic and lead calculations and feature thermal and daytime cameras, all in one package.

It offers the option of a day camera, thermal camera or combined fusion image for detection and identification, unlike other systems that use traditional day view and optics clip-on night stand.

“The development of the AFCD TI was carried out in close collaboration with Saab professionals, and with the latest software updates, among other things, the AFCD TI is currently the best that can be found on the market in terms of smart sights,” the official said. product management Antti Lommi said.

Improves strike rate

It offers a combination of advanced optronics, ballistics calculation and communication with most modern shells, improving the first-round hit probability for both moving and stationary targets, claims the Finnish optronics developer.

“Programming the new HE 448 cartridge is also possible with AFCD TI. The ballistics of new ammunition can also be easily updated to AFCD TI”, responsible for product management Antti Lommi said.

Additionally, it is the lightest fire control system available for Carl-Gustaf weapons, weighing just 1.7 kilograms (3.74 pounds).

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