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Popular singer Lucky Ali, 58, has fired a fresh salvo in a long-running property dispute with the realtor family of a Karnataka IAS officer's husband by filing a complaint before the Karnataka Lokayukta for hoarding of land and dereliction of duty against the IAS officer. her husband and brother-in-law as well as police and tax officials.

The singer posted an acknowledgment of receipt of the complaint he filed with the Lokayukta on his username 'money,' Lucky Ali commented on the complaint on his social media account.

The long-running civil conflict has made news even in the past. On December 5, 2022, Lucky Ali had alleged land grabbing by the IAS officer.

The long-running property dispute is mainly between Lucky Ali and Madhusudhan Reddy – the brother-in-law of IAS officer Rohini Sindhuri. In December 2022, Lucky Ali had alleged that his property was “illegally encroached upon” with the help of the IAS officer and urged the Director General of Police of Karnataka to “stop this illegal activity”.

Sindhuri maintained that the dispute had nothing to do with her. In 2022, the IAS officer said: “He's just trying to throw mud at me,” she said while pointing out that an injunction was issued in 2016 against Lucky Ali preventing him from “interfere with the plaintiff’s possession” of the property.

His brother-in-law claimed that the property was purchased in 2012 from Lucky Ali's brother Mansoor Ali and that he had all the documents proving his rights to the land.

The disputed property is located near Kenchenahalli in Yelahanka, northeast Bengaluru.

Ali said in his 2022 tweet that it was a “trust property” and “(sic) is illegally encroached upon by Sudhir Reddy (and Madhu Reddy) of the Bangalore land mafia.” With the help of his wife who is an IAS officer named Rohini Sindhuri.

He accused the IAS officer's family of misusing state resources for personal gain. He claimed they had “forcefully and illegally” entered his farm and refused to show relevant documents. He also said he was “not receiving any help from the local police.”

The dispute is the latest episode in a real estate saga that dates back to the acquisition of more than 150 acres of land in 1969 in the suburbs of Bangalore by Lucky Ali's father, the famous comedian Mehmood Ali – who died in 2004.

The land acquired by Mehmood was passed to his six children through trusts created in their names due to their minority status in the 1970s.

The real estate saga involves a maze of disputes that began when Mehmood's children became adults in the 1990s.

At the root of the cases that the Ali siblings have fought – among themselves and with third-party real estate developers – is the alleged sale of the entire parcel of land owned by the Mehmood family to two real estate agents in 1991 by a general power of Family Lawyer, S Raghunath.

According to court records of cases involving Ali's properties over the past three decades, family members – including Lucky Ali aka Maqsood Ali, the second of Mehmood's five sons – initially challenged the sale of the land to the real estate agents, but then arrived. in a court settlement in 2008, where the estate agents – Green Orchards Homes Ltd and Yeshwanth Shenoy – returned parts of the land to the family, including to a trust in the name of Maqsood (Lucky) and his brother Maqdoom .

As part of the compromise deal for the Ali estates, surrender deeds were reportedly signed in favor of members of the Ali family as well as third parties like the family of Sudhir Reddy, the IAS officer's husband Rohini Sindhuri, in 2011 by the real estate agents who purchased the property. by Mehmood Ali in 1991.

At the root of the current dispute are the conflicting claims of Sudhir Reddy, his brother Madhusudhan Reddy and Lucky Ali over the ownership of part of the land in the Vasudevapura area of ​​Yelahanka.

Meanwhile, Lucky Ali himself assigned the GPA and property development rights to another real estate agent for the disputed property.

A number of cases are also pending before the courts concerning the ownership of Ali's estates and the transfer of rights or the sale of land that took place over the last three decades.

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