South Mackay woman shot through car window identified as loving young mum Natalie Frahm

A woman who was shot through a car window in the Queensland town of Mackay has been identified as Natalie Frahm, 34.

Ryan Geoffrey Cole, 31, was charged with murder in Frahm's death as well as the attempted murder of James McGill, 66, who was shot dead as he came to the young woman's aid in Robb Pl, South Mackay Wednesday afternoon. .

Two young girls who were also in the car had run to McGill – a neighbor of Frahm’s – for help.

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Cole allegedly shot him in the hand and chest, police said.

McGill was rushed to Mackay Base Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. He remains there in serious but stable condition.

Reporter Georgia Costi told Sunrise viewers Friday that Frahm was remembered as a loving member of the community.

“This senseless crime has the community in Mackay and surrounding Queensland searching for answers,” Costi said.

The victim of the South Mackay shooting has been identified as Natalie Frahm.
The victim of the South Mackay shooting has been identified as Natalie Frahm. Credit: Seven

“This morning we can reveal that the victim is Natalie Frahm, 34. The people of Mackay pay tribute to her as a loving mother and strong woman.

“We also know that she was very passionate about Thai boxing. Her gym, where she competed and competed, paid tribute to her, saying she had an infectious smile and was always willing to help others.

“We are learning more about her accused killer, Ryan Cole, a 31-year-old man. Police say he did not know the mother and lived on her street.

“Police also revealed that three years ago his firearms license was revoked and 11 guns were confiscated from him.

“A significant part of this investigation will now focus on how he may have obtained weapons illegally.

“We also understand that he has not been cooperative with the police, so it may be some time before we get the answers everyone is desperately seeking.”

Cole is accused of fleeing, triggering an emergency lockdown of the area and a police manhunt.

He was arrested a few hours later outside a nearby gas station.

Queensland Police Commissioner Steve Gollschewski revealed Cole lost his firearms license in 2021, sparking an investigation into how he acquired what witnesses described as a revolver-style weapon.

“We will be looking very closely at not only what happened yesterday, but also the events leading up to this event in terms of this person's access to weapons and how he was able to obtain this weapon,” Gollschewski said.

“These are things that concern us greatly.

“There are many licensed gun owners in Queensland and overall they are very responsible people. That's why we have such a strict regime in terms of licensing and our inspection capacity, and what we can do if people do the wrong thing.

Police found no evidence Cole had a history of mental health problems and his contact with police throughout his life was “minimal”, Acting Detective Superintendent Emma Novosel said.

“There have been no recent calls for service regarding any sort of disturbance or mental health issue,” she said Thursday.

No motive for his alleged attack has been established.

“It is not believed that the man and woman knew each other, but preliminary investigations indicate that they lived on the same street,” Novosel said.

“Certainly at this stage the motives for the attack on this woman and man are unknown, so further investigations will be undertaken to determine what was bought about this incident.”

Cole briefly faced the Mackay Magistrates Court on Thursday.

He was remanded in custody, with the case adjourned until Friday.

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