Teen Mom Amber Portwood's Criminal History Explained

Over the years, Amber Portwood's life has been riddled with problems of its own making. As viewers, we've all had a front-row seat to her various missteps on MTV, first on 16 and Pregnant, then on Teen mom O.G. Naturally, his negative choices and behaviors also affected his relationship with his daughter Leah Shirley, not to mention the law itself. And order.

Bad boys Amber, bad boys Amber, what are you going to do? What are you going to do when they come for you? And come get Amber, the police did. Here's a look at their findings.

Amber's first domestic violence and possession charges

In 2010, the footage released from the season 1 finale of Teen Mom OG and all of season 2 was damning. Cameras showed Amber displaying multiple violent behaviors against Gary Shirley, her now ex and Leah's father. These cheaply captured shots included scenes of Amber slapping, choking and kicking Gary. His arrest took place in December of the same calendar year.

In Touch collected Amber's records, where her first sentence was 730 days. However, 728 of them were suspended. Amber also received credit for the two days she spent in jail after her first arrest. She therefore got off with only two years of probation, as well as a fine of $226.

Shortly after, in 2011, Amber returned to prison. She violated the terms of her probation and faced new charges of battery and public intoxication. Additionally, she failed to obtain her GED and she never completed court-ordered anger management classes.

Just days after that arrest, Amber failed her probation check. The police therefore paid her a quick visit at her home. She seemed groggy and a mixture of prescription pills were scattered around. They charged Amber with possession of a controlled substance.

As a result of this mess, Gary was awarded full custody of Leah.

In January 2012, Amber pleaded guilty to possession and in February she was sentenced. This meant five years in prison, but she could have avoided that. You see, Amber was lucky enough to take a plea deal, which would have allowed her to avoid prison altogether if only she had gone to rehab and gotten sober. But, even though they tried to get her to go to rehab, Amber said no no no and got jail time instead.

Amber only served 16 months.

Domestic royalties reappeared several years later

In 2017, Amber found herself a new man in Andrew Glennon. The following year, they welcomed their son James into their messy group. But in 2019, Amber's life fell apart once again.

Apparently, Amber slapped Andrew in the neck with a shoe while he was holding James. Andrew ran and hid with James behind a closed door at this point, but Amber began breaking down their door with a machete, according to Andrew. Because of this, Amber returned to prison. She once again faced felony domestic battery charges.

In his report, Andrew claimed that Amber often hit him. She also “threatened him countless times.” Therefore, Andrew was granted primary physical custody of James.

In October 2019, Amber pleaded guilty to two charges of domestic battery and intimidation. She was sentenced to 900 days of probation and a suspended prison sentence of 910 days. In 2022, Andrew moved. He and James moved from Indiana and now reside in Malibu, California, where Amber visits them as much as she can.

During a special sit-down with Amber, Dr. Drew Pinsky asked Amber about her legal battles. Well, a little. She was not allowed to say much as her lawyers were not present. She did, however, call Andrew “crazy,” while noting that she “loves” his “fans.”

To this day, things remain chaotic in Amber's world

After more than a decade of legal battles and losses, things remain crazy in Amber's life. Fortunately, she did not return to prison, for which we congratulate her. But she's still here, making headlines that feel like a messy Telenovela.

To explain, Amber's new man, Gary Wayt, just appeared on Teen Mom. But then he disappeared. Like, literally. He was reported missing on Sunday June 9, 2024.

In an interview with a YouTube personality named Elle Bee, Amber emphasized that she has changed. And that Gary's disappearance shocked her, because “I didn't touch this man in a horrible way. He doesn't touch me in a horrible way. We don't yell at each other. Please understand this, people change,” she said.

In a shocking, last-minute twist, after leaving their vacation cabin in North Carolina, a spotting of Gary has just emerged. He's in Oklahoma. It's suspicious. It's weird.

Although we hope Amber's words about changing her habits are true. Maybe his criminal charges have taught him a thing or two. On this point, only time will tell.


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