Teenager missing in Havana: family calls for emergency help

A Cuban teenager disappeared in Havana since Wednesday after leaving his home in The Lisa on the way to school. The girl, known only as Evelyne on social media, urged her family to ask for emergency help to find her.

Evelyn left her residence Wednesday morning and has not returned since. According to testimonies from relatives and close acquaintances, his phone is turned off.

“Please, this is my daughter. If you see her, please let us know. She has been missing from home since yesterday morning,” her mother begged. Niurka Fontaina Hierrezuelo.

No further details about Evelyn's disappearance, including what she was wearing at the time, were provided in the social media posts. Anyone with information that could help locate Evelyn is asked to call 52641723.

Requests for help via social networks to find missing people Cuba have become increasingly common, amid social insecurity and increasing crime rates in the country.

On Monday, another family asked for help finding a young man who disappeared two days earlier in Havana, criticizing police for inaction in the search.

Last week, the disappearance of Cléidys Garciasa resident of Sancti Spiritusmade headlines after she went out shopping and didn't return home four days later.

Fortunately, Melanie And sailedtwo 12-year-old girls missing for several days Cardenas, Matanzaswere found safe and sound, according to their families.

Cuba Missing Persons FAQ

In light of the growing number of missing people in Cuba, here are some frequently asked questions and their answers.

What should I do if I have information about a missing person?

If you have information about a missing person, you should contact local authorities immediately and provide as many details as possible. In Evelyn's case, you can call 52641723.

How common are reports of missing persons in Cuba?

Reports of missing people in Cuba have become more frequent recently, largely due to growing social insecurity and rising crime rates.

What steps can families take if their loved one goes missing?

Families should immediately report the disappearance to the police and use social media to spread the word, providing as much information as possible to facilitate the search.

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