The influencer identified as José Castelo Branco's lover who will be the reason for Betty's divorce request

José Castillo Branco, recently arrested and released after accusations of domestic violence by his wife Betty Grafstein, will have an extramarital affair with a young influencer who presents himself on social networks under the name Bruny Fernández. Currently living in Germany, he has posted several times on social networks to defend Castelo Branco in the lawsuit filed against him by his wife, and faced with the fact that he is the lover of the socialite, he neither confirms nor does it denies. The story is published today in the magazine Vidas de Correio da Manhá, to which Bruni Fernández spoke.

The alleged couple has known each other since 2020, and the first communications took place via Instagram, at a time when Castelo Branco had lengthy live conversations during the pandemic. Bruni and Castello Branco later met in person and began a close relationship., reveals the same magazine. In this “life”, there were often sexual provocations between the two, with Castelo Branco often agreeing for Bruni to go live with him. According to what “Vidas” reports, in one of these interviews, Bruni was offered a German sausage and took a bite, to which Castelo Branco responded with “Oh, very big.” All in the presence of the entire public.

Although she has a very youthful appearance, the 30-year-old Brunette singer has a degree in history and is a partner on Instagram where he has 16.4k followers. Last year he recorded two songs available on Spotify called “Memórias” and “The way to you”. The final theme will have lyrics dedicated to Castelo Branco.

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The singer confronted his alleged relationship with José Castelo Branco and did not deny it. “What I do with my life is my problem. I don't know what they expect from it. Don't get me started on adventures or games,” he said, quoted by “Vidas.” “José, unfortunately, experiences what he experiences… For me, I like Ze, in particular, because I have been for some time… My family spent vacations with their loved ones, he's someone I like.” “I like it, but I don't understand why I asked my contact to m call and ask me these kinds of questions.”“I will not intervene in this matter and I will not respond to anything at all. I don't need to deny it, lie or admit it. I've already said everything.

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