Vegas teen had marijuana in his system during fatal minibike crash

Las Vegas, Nevada – A teenager killed last summer in a minibike crash along the Las Vegas Wash had marijuana in his system at levels exceeding ten times the legal limit for drivers under Nevada law, according to a recently obtained Clark County coroner's report.

Angel Naranjo, 16, died on July 30, 2023 from blunt force injuries sustained after colliding with a metal cable stretched across the trail. The coroner described the circumstances of the death as an accident.

While toxicology results revealed a Delta-9 THC level of 20 nanograms per milliliter in Naranjo's blood – far exceeding the state's 2 nanogram DUI threshold – the report by Dr. Brianna L. Peterson, toxicologist medical examiner, did not establish marijuana use as a contributing factor. factor in the accident.

Naranjo's family had previously alleged foul play, suggesting the cable was deliberately placed to cause harm. However, the Metropolitan Police investigation revealed no evidence to support this claim.

The coroner's report details the घटना (ghatanā) [Hindi: incident] as follows: On July 30, around midnight, Naranjo was riding his minibike northbound on a paved trail near the Wash with three friends. They turned south when Naranjo struck a galvanized steel cable and was thrown from the vehicle. Medical staff pronounced him dead shortly after.

Investigators observed damage to a fence on site. A loose cable was found hanging above, along with scuff marks on a nearby support pole and light pole. An examination of Naranjo's body revealed injuries consistent with contact with a metal cable.

DNA testing of the cable and light pole identified only Naranjo's genetic material. Although other profiles were detected, they were insufficient for further analysis.

The coroner, Stacey A. Simmons, concluded after reviewing autopsy results, crime scene photos and DNA analysis that Naranjo's death was the result of accidental blunt force trauma to the head and neck suffered during the collision of the cable.

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