Vinton Today – Samantha Bevans sentenced to life in prison

Samantha Bevans was convicted of first degree murder in the death of her stepmother Jodie Bevans. Sentencing took place on Friday, June 14 at 1:30 p.m. The judge sentenced her to life in prison without the possibility of parole and ordered her to pay $150,000 in restitution to Jodie's estate. Bevans.

As the hearing opened, Samantha's lawyers attempted to argue for a new trial. The prosecutor asserted the allegations mentioned and the judge determined that the trial was conducted properly and that the conviction would stand.

The prosecutor also made a statement regarding the loss of Jodie Bevans and how that loss has affected the community. Meanwhile, Samantha could be seen smiling on the ceiling.

Samantha had the opportunity to speak. Showing no remorse, she said she missed and loved Jodie very much and was sorry she would never be around again. She said she would also cherish his memories. She asked the family for forgiveness before launching into a sermon filled with strange facial expressions and words that did not correspond to reality. An attempt to induce real tears also failed. She then launched into a sermonette trying to become eloquent, and ended it with an amen. But his words fell on deaf ears.

Several victim impact statements on Jodie's behalf were shared, expressing the deep grief her family had felt since the day their mother was found murdered in her own bed. Her son spoke and said in part: “She is the one who taught me the true meaning of family. She taught me how to truly love someone. Not just someone's good, but also her flaws. Mom always helped people. Then This unthinkable horror happened The hands she held so many times over the years took her last breath He cited the theater Samantha performed in court. saying she tried to make it seem like she was the victim Looking at Samantha, he addressed her “Samantha, you are not the victim. My mother, Jodie Ellen Bevans, was the victim. And in turn, we are all victims. Me, my children, my brothers and sisters, my nieces and nephews, all my mother's grandchildren, her my husband, Desi, my grandfather, my aunt, my cousins, we are all victims. It makes me wonder: “What’s the point of helping people?” That's a real tragedy in itself, because that's not what mom stood for.

It's been 701 days since Samantha planned and ultimately killed my mother in cold blood. 701 days of trying to hold back tears, anger and sadness. But today, as a family, we can finally turn the last page of what has been the worst chapter of our lives. Today we can finally start trying to move forward.

Another spoke. “Jodie was the purest soul I have ever known. She brought so much good to this world with her kindness, loving personality and constant desire to help others. She had a naturally calming presence and a heart full of forgiveness. She was a shining light in this world and a beacon of kindness to her friends and family. This is the life she chose. We will never see that light again thanks to you Sam.

There is nothing good about what you did. Not only did you take a precious life from this world, but you caused pain and suffering to the only people who cared about you. »

She continued to look at Samantha, “you will be where you belong. Your freedom has been revoked. You will no longer be able to do anything as simple as lock or unlock a door, this will be done for you. You will do this .” You won't be there when your kids graduate or get married. Your grandchildren will never know you. You will disappear into obscurity and you will rarely be mentioned in conversation because of the horrors you have committed. are incomprehensible, unforgivable and monstrous. We will visit her (Jodie), bring her flowers and perpetuate her memory. The same cannot be said of you.

I can't imagine what you put Jodie through that night. But you can. I hope that every time you close your eyes, you can't help but think about that night and the choices you made to be where you are.

We will never be able to get out of there. We are compelled to find a new normal and move forward with Jodie in our hearts.

You wake up from a nightmare, not a nightmare, that's what we did and what you made your family do since July 16, 2022, the morning after you found her. You robbed your family of life as we knew it and you still take no responsibility. We will begin to heal from this pain and suffering, but yours is just beginning.'”

A third statement was read out and said in part: “Why would you do this? Did you really think you would get away with it? Did you think about Dad, your children, your brothers and sisters who would find her like that? Or were you just too high right now? Have you thought about all the consequences for all of us or the impact it would have on our entire family?

All you have now is life in prison. You will forever be known as a murderer and a liar. I could never have imagined that you could do something so horrible until I saw your testimony and your lies. Absolutely no remorse and no tears.

I never thought this could happen to our family or that you could be so mean. Every time your cell door closes, I hope you see his face. I hope this haunts you until you die alone, with no one to talk to or anyone to turn to. Let it be a constant reminder of what you have done.

Death is final. Did you look into her eyes? How long did she suffer? How long did she beg you to stop while you had your two cents? What were his last words? Have you thought about all the sleepless nights Dad cried himself to sleep losing the love of his life? All you do is lie. You can't even tell the truth just to let us know what really happened. The closure we need. Lies on top of lies. You are not a victim, you are just a pure evil soul. You've never asked how your own children are doing, you're just being selfish. The Samantha who sits here today will always be known as a murderer.”

Another of his sisters also sent a letter to be read on his behalf.

“To the honorable Judge Kapros,” he began. I'm not here today because I'm out of town watching my daughter play in the state softball tournament. However, I would like to give the floor to Jodie Bevans.

Jodie was my mother-in-law but also my wife, my sister, my daughter, my mother and my grandmother who loved life and loved her family. She was a nurse and not only loved helping people, but she also advocated for her patients.

On the night of July 14, 2022, I entered the room and discovered his lifeless body. I immediately turned around and pushed my father out of the room so he wouldn't have to witness what I saw. We finally left around two in the morning and took my dad and family home to put the kids to bed. After settling my dad down to sleep on the couch, I tried to go to sleep.

When I closed my eyes, all I could see was Jodie's body and I couldn't sleep. I also heard my father cry loudly as he lost his wife and the life he had known changed drastically.”

She went on to explain that the children were now afraid to sleep for fear that they would be harmed afterwards. They suffer from PTSD and other issues, including recurring graphic nightmares in which they are injured. She said: “Because of your actions, my children are traumatised. »

“Because of Sam's actions, I am tormented by what Jodie went through and the fear she must have felt that night, all alone, fighting for her life against two monsters. It is a burden that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

“Did she see you coming? Or did you surprise her in what was supposed to be a safe place, her bed. Did she scream for help or was she paralyzed with fear Did she beg you to stop? Did you just threaten her? What were his last words? Will you ever tell us the real truth? Do you know the answers to these questions or were you too caught up in the thrill of murder?

I'm here today for Jodie and to get justice for Jodie, but justice doesn't bring Jodie back. It doesn't allow us to talk to him, ask him for advice, or hear his happy little laugh again. » She continued: “For us, justice does not exist and closure does not exist. It feels like peace and understanding will never come. However, justice definitively sets aside this cold-blooded killer.

Jodie was the one person who was Sam's biggest cheerleader. She wanted her to succeed when we all had doubts. » The reader of this letter held up a card that Jodie had written to Samantha. She would say, “Sam, I want you to know that I am proud of you. You are doing a great job becoming your best self. »

The letter continues: “We are all safer knowing that this criminal will die in prison. »

Another addressed Samantha, naming each of her children and telling her that she had done nothing to protect them but had hurt them. She did nothing to protect them from the horrors they saw that night and the feelings they feel now.

After the judge's statements and summary of statements, Bevans left the courtroom with a smile on his face.

Tacoa Talley, Samantha Bevans' boyfriend, was also convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison and ordered to pay $150,000 restitution. He is currently serving time at the Iowa State Penitentiary in Fort Madison, Iowa.

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